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Please listen to the samples of our products and you will
see why more and more parents and Grandparents are
Songs About Me, The Personalized
Birthday CD
, and Favorite Traditional Acoustic
for birthdays, Christmas presents, baby
showers, etc....
Our online store has a list of all in stock names. If the
name you wish to purchase is not listed, there is a
Special Order page in our
ONLINE STORE that will
enable you to place that order. Thank you again for
visiting Little Babe Productions!
We are now an official dealer for the Create-A-Book
line of personalized children's books! Please visit our
ONLINE STORE for more information on these
wonderful books that will last a lifetime! These make a
great companion gift with our "Songs About Me" CD's,
the Lullaby CD, and the Personalized Birthday CD.
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Welcome to Little Babe Productions, personalized music
for children. Our products were developed to make each
and every child feel special and we know that music
brings joy to all those who listen. What a great way to
make a child smile and say
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